If you are looking for a high-end, modern apartment in the magnificent city of Ho Chi Minh City, you cannot miss the The River Thu Thiem District 2. Along with its detailed designs and convenient project facilities, this project is interested and highly appreciated by many customers and investors.

Information about The River Thu Thiem District 2

This project is located on a beautiful bank of the romantic Saigon River. This is an impressive highlight for all residents wishing to live in modern space. The River Thu Thiem apartment building is located in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City. The main investor is: Garden Joint Stock of REFICO Group. 

The project is built with an area of 3.5 hectares and over 1000 luxury apartments. Currently, we are openning selling apartments and villas for those who choose to live and work in the process of selling and leasing.

It can be said that this is like a popular place in the real estate village of Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh City in particular. Compare to other big projects, The River Thu Thiem is still gaining a lot of love because it is designed by architects from Singapore – one of the most beautiful and unique culture. 

Rental fee in The River Thu Thiem District 2

  • 1 bedroom with 57sqm-76sqm full furnished by postiga style about: 1300$- 1500$/ month (including management fee)
  • 2 bedrooms with 84sqm full furnishded by Gucci style about: 2100$/ month (including management fee)
  • 3 bedrooms with 119sqm – 126sqm full furnished by Channel about: 2700$ – 3500$/month (including management fee)
  • 4 bedrooms with 185sqm full furnished by Louis Vuiton about: 4200$ – 5000$/month (including management fee)

What is the reason to choose renting in The River Thu Thiem apartment District 2

This project is highly appreciated because of its beautiful location and convenient traffic. You can easily move to the nearby areas by North – South route and Vong Cung boulevard of the new Thu Thiem urban area.

Located near the bank of Saigon river, The River Thu Thiem ‘s atmosphere is clean, peace, relaxed and avoid busy and crowded of the city.

It takes about 1 km to center of District 1, so that it helps you save a lot of time moving.

International schools, Thu Thiem Central Lakes are just 200m from the radius. The transportation of your children to school will be quick, convenient, and easy to manage.

It is only 500m far away from hospitals, the residences can settle down and take good care from those services.

A perfect and fresh living in the heart of bustling city. There are a lot of green space which is the statue of the most modern life in Ho Chi Minh City.

Compare to other projects around, The River Thu Thiem is with reasonable price, and attractive price.

You can be completely assured by the prestigious investor.

If you are looking for a luxury apartment building, you better not miss renting The River Thu Thiem District 2. You can be assured of the legal possession, price and the prestigious investor.