The River Thu Thiem apartment is the project attracting a lot of public interest. This is an apartment complex located directly to the Saigon River and has a very favorable position. Many people explore the price of renting a 3 bedroom apartment in this place. So how is its price, is it cheap enough to satisfy customers? Let’s find out the details below.

Overview about The River Thu Thiem apartment

Firstly, we look through about this project


Location at The River Thu Thiem district 2

The project is located at the foot of Thu Thiem 1 Bridge, right on Vong Cung Boulevard in Thu Thiem new urban area, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City. Residents living here can easily go to schools, hospitals, parks, and shopping centers in 100 to 200 meters around it.

Information about Investor

The project is invested by City Garden Company as an investor. This is a subsidiary of Refico Group, a name associated with famous super products in the world. With the main design participation of architects from Singapore, the project is considered to be a high-end and modern apartment complex in the area.

The River Thu Thiem was started construction in 9/2019 and is expected to be completed by the end of 2021. It can be said that the construction time is quite fast compared to the scale of the relatively huge project area like this.

The land area of ​​the project is about 15,000 square meters. The area used for buildings is 9,126 square meters. The project consists of 3 main towers and each building is 18 floors high. The number of apartments is 525 units. The remaining areas are commercial areas. The project has a full range of types according to the purpose of use such as apartments from 1 to 4 bedrooms, Shophouse, Penthouse, Duplex and commercial center.

Currently, the selling price of apartments here falls at about $ 5,500 / sqm. Perhaps it is quite high compared to the general premises, but if compared with apartments in the same segment, the price of The River Thu Thiem is reasonable. Moreover, considering the investment cost for this project is 9,300 billion, the selling price is very reasonable.

What makes a 3-bedroom apartment in The River more special?

A 3-bedroom apartment in The River Thu Thiem has an area usage of 105sqm to 180sqm, this size also bigger with other 3 bedrooms in other project. The investor will hand over the apartment with complete construction and facilities.

3-bedroom apartments are designed evenly in 3 buildings, scattered on floors from low to high. This helps customers have more choices when coming to The River Thu Thiem. This 3-bedroom apartment has a very large and comfortable usable area, which will suitable for family with many generations or crowded members.

The apartment is designed in a modern style with a simple but luxurious and sophisticated Europe. This is a great place for the whole family to enjoy relaxing and happy moments.

Besides that, residents at the River Thu Thiem also enjoy the 5-star swimming pool, coffee restaurant, gym, spa, commercial center, riverside park…

In addition, residents living here can easily moving to schools and hospitals of international standards. It can be said that this place is like a miniature paradise that anyone who wants enjoy living in this place.

How much is the rental fee of a 3-bedroom apartment in The River Thu Thiem?

The price is cheap or not depends on many different factors such as geographical location, internal and external facilities, social security, and the general price level of the area. District 2 is a busy place with a relatively high standard of living. Along with that, house rental prices are also correlated with the market. Compared with the common premises here, the price is expected to range from $ 2700 / month – $ 3,500 / month (including management fees).

So through this article you have some more knowledge about The River Thu Thiem project as well as the 3-bedroom apartment rental fee here. Hopefully the project will be completed on schedule and will launch the super-luxury apartments to users.

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