The River Thu Thiem project is a quite famous project and attracts a lot of attention from many people including investors. This is a luxury apartment located in a prime location opposite the Saigon River. The price of renting a 4 bedroom apartment here is also what makes many people curious and preoccupied. Let’s find out more details about this project right now and the detailed rental price of a 4 bedroom apartment see what’s special. 

Overview of The River Thu Thiem

Before discovering a 4-bedroom apartment, let’s learn about The River Thu Thiem project, the golden project near Saigon River.


The River Thu Thiem aparetment is located in District 2 of Saigon. With a convenient location near schools, hospitals, commercial centers, … extremely convenient for residents living in this apartment to travel and live. Moreover, this project is located on Vong Cung boulevard to help you move easily.

Information about The River Thu Thiem Project

This is Refico’s biggest project in 2019. The Thu Thiem The River project is an extremely unique combination of many extreme items in the world such as uniquely designed by DP Architects in Singapore, infrastructure by Arup Group is from the UK, invested and developed by the leading group Refico.

The project with a total project area of ​​up to 3.5 hectares is the masterpiece of the century in Vietnam with its natural beauty and unique architecture. Widely designed, the apartment is the ideal place for your family with the most modern and comfortable living space.

This is an integrated project including penthouse, sky villa, pool villa with 1 basement, 4 floors. Belonging to the shophouse block located at the front of Vong Cung boulevard, 5 floors are the aerial villas block opposite the riverside park and 6 apartment towers from 12-24 floors.

All construction materials are made of unique and eye-catching materials, and the whole architecture becomes more alive. At the same time, the material is also resistant to heat well, protecting your apartment optimally.

Not only is the appearance polished, each apartment is individually designed, unique and luxurious according to international standards. A special feature, all interior designs are individually designed, imported from abroad, delicate to every small detail.

Since the project is located in a favorable location, the apartments at The River Thu Thiem apartment are not only for households but also very suitable for business offices. This place contains an extremely large number of potential customers, convenient roads, this is a golden land for talented businessmen.

What is the special thing in a 4 bedroom apartment in The River Thu Thiem?

You just pay a very reasonable price, you have owned an apartment with a luxurious design, the area is designed in an optimal way, located in a prime location. Then this is a profitable investment you need to think about.

4-bedroom apartment with balcony in the southwest direction and the door in the southeast direction. Very convenient for enjoying 4 seasons living space at home. This is the apartment located in the most beautiful location of the Thu Thiem project.

For owners of these 4-bedroom apartments, you will enjoy different amenities, class and elegance. You will have a separate entrance, private elevator system, luxury elevator lobby. The location of the apartment is also directly facing the Saigon River, the prime location that few apartments in Ho Chi Minh city got.

The apartment is located on the most beautiful floors of the Hermitage. All over 42 units with 4-bedroom apartments are located at the corner of 5,6,7,8,9,10 floors and close to Thu Thiem 2 bridge.

The price of 4 bedroom apartment for rent in The River Thu Thiem

Because the apartment area is also quite large with an affordable price, for those whose families do not like to rush to build houses and enjoy, this is a reasonable investment. The price of 4 bedroom apartment for rent in The River Thu Thiem is about 4200 $/month to 5,000 $/month (including management fee)

With just a reasonable cost, you can own a modern, luxurious, spacious and comfortable space for the whole family. Both have private space, fully equipped, classy, you will be ​​immersed in fresh air.

the most suitable apartment for you, The River Thu Thiem is all you are looking for. So through this article you have some more knowledge about The River Thu Thiem project as well as the 4 bedroom apartment rental price here. Love yourself and book a 4 bedroom apartment in advance to enjoy the most luxurious space in Saigon.